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Camlann – specifically, this is the southeastern section of the continent of Camlann. Galeia is located on the eastern coast, in Wolf Bay.

The city of Galeia has prospered for quite some time and is one of the largest and wealthiest merchant city-states on the coast. About ten years ago, the king took the advice of a dwarf named Taran Ketlor who had risen quickly in the city’s defensive army’s ranks and successfully invaded the nearby town of Brona, on the south side of Wolf Bay. As they had previously been rivals in trade, Galeia now had a monopoly over the bay and the city’s profits grew. After this success, the king was further goaded into bolstering the military and invading the surrounding lands until most of the eastern coast fell under Galeia’s banner. A large step in increasing their ranks quickly was the hiring of mercenary companies, who eventually united for the most part under one banner, purely for the sake of presenting a united front and making the pay better. Their reign now stretches from the midst of the Endless Forest to the north to Korugond and Lurandia in the south. After Brona was conquered, the king disappeared from public sight for the most part, making appearances only when absolutely required.

Beyond the southern edge of Galeia’s conquest lies Fellearth, a city of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen that was razed and destroyed by the barbarians of the southern coast. Rumor has it that the king is unsure whether he should take on the barbarian tribes, and that is why the military is stalling and stagnant now.

Trade in the city itself as well as its lands is slowing, after being spurred for so long by war. The mercenaries are also restless, as they haven’t been paid for a campaign in several months and are forced into performing odd jobs around the city and its surroundings.

Districts in Galeia, as numbered on the city map:

1) Main Docks – entry and exit point for the military, mostly, as well as the king and the noble houses who own ships.

2) Shipyards – unfinished boats galore.

3) Merchant Docks – (This is the one circled in green with the smudged number) Despite its small size, this is the entry point for goods into Galeia. Fishermen also depart from the far east side of the docks.

4) Fish Market – Fishermen sell their wares here, and there are also several warehouses for storage. It’s relatively known around the city that the market is run by one particular family, who can help you with a loan if you need it. Just don’t be late with your payments…

5) Warehouse district – This storage is generally used for the merchant, craftsmen and shipwright guilds, as well as some merchants who don’t want to pay the fees on the warehouses by the fish market.

6) Guild Headquarters – all guilds are located here, from blacksmiths to coopers to shipwrights to masons, with only a very few exceptions. Several generations back the king at the time pushed for higher quality goods to be exported, which had the effect of a trade boom that cemented Galeia’s place as a highly prized city for merchants, and one of the reasons is the creation of guilds for most crafted goods.

7) Palace – the home to the king and his royal guard.

8) Temple District – The largest temples in the district are to Waukeen and Erathis, gods of trade and civilization, though there are many smaller temples. The temple to Chauntea is still sought out by farmers who enter the city, sailors generally visit the temple of the Bitch Queen Umberlee before heading out to sea, and a small temple of Tempus was erected recently and is visited by quite a few members of the military.

9) Military Headquarters – Meeting place for the High General and his commanding officers.

10) Market – Excluding fish of course, this market runs the gammot from produce from local farmers to magic item brokers. It’s just a matter of finding what you need.

11) Traveler’s District – Also known as the Entertainment District. Most visitors who travel over the roads enter the town here. Inns, taverns and gambling houses are everywhere. The thieves’ guild makes its presence known in this district, though only those in-the-know would know where to find them.

12) Racetrack – horse racing during the day, with plenty of betting of course. Run by a very large family.

13) Park – Set aside by previous kings, there are several parks throughout the city.

14) Training Grounds – A large field, mostly reduced to mud and scrubland, where the military practices maneuvers.

15) Barracks – where all military men stay while in the city.

16) Slums – The not-so-nice part of town, wedged right between the market and the entertainment district. The edges of each of those districts melt right into the slums.

17) Lower Nobles – The more classy part of town. Since the military has taken over as acting city guard, they’re very close in case of any disturbances.

18) Old Tower – an old, crumbling tower sits here which is rarely visited. People rarely are seen coming and going from it, but those who are seen entering are generally the type one wouldn’t want to question.

19) Mercenaries – the mercenaries hired by the crown squat in this section of town if they don’t live elsewhere, and are surrounded by the slums. As the military is well-paid, many who aren’t well-off resent any martial presence, and the mercenaries are barely tolerated.

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